Three tips to create content your customers will love

Feb 22, 2018Laura Boyd

Content Creation

“Content that doesn’t connect is as worthless as a blank screen.”

That’s the bottom line according to the content experts at the Content Marketing Institute. While it’s a bold statement, it is also a true one. There is no shortage of content available to customers. Now, it’s more important than ever to create content that stands apart from the rest and provides your customers with real value. Here are three tips to help you create content your customers will love:

1. Know your customers

We say it over and over, but knowing your audience is key to creating powerful, engaging content that your customers will love. Not sure where to start, consider asking yourself the following questions for each of your audiences:

After my customer hears, reads or sees my content, what do I want them to:

  1. Think?
  2. Feel?
  3. Do?

Answering these questions will help you determine what your customers want to know. Also, consider looking at where your customers are, what they share via social media, and what unmet needs they might have.

2. Make it easy

Your customers are inundated with content every day, so don’t make them wade through content heavy pieces. Use infographics, charts, bullet points and graphics to make it simple for customers to read your content. 

While there are certain audiences who value the occasional lengthy white paper, it’s important to remember that simple, easy to understand, concise content is still key to catching and keeping the interest of your customers. Ultimately, digestible content is content customers love.

3. Provide value

Real-world scenarios, actionable steps and how-to guides all have one thing in common: customers love them! Why? Because they provide value. Consider this insight from thinkific, “To inspire your audience to change and/or take action, your content should address the problem they want to solve (their pain/current reality) as well as the benefits of your proposed solution (their pleasure/desired reality).” 

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