Super Bowl LII Commercials: Our Top Picks

Feb 6, 2018Morningstar Communications

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Every year, the Super Bowl brings plenty of buzz on social media. This year was no different: from the game itself, the long-awaited Justin Timberlake half-time appearance, the #SelfieKid, and the highly-anticipated commercials!

According to Nielsen, the game brought in more than 100 million viewers on NBC and an average of 2.02 million online viewers per minute. Brands took advantage of these viewership numbers to showcase their most creative commercials.

Here are our favorites:

Eric Morgenstern - M&M's commercial

"In this ad, the red #5 is tired of wanting to be eaten by everyone.  He finds a lucky penny and gets his wish to be transformed into a human, Danny DeVito.  Not only is this clever, it features my favorite brand of humor – self-effacing.  At the end, Danny looks in a reflection and says, "Man, I look good."  And then the other M&M says, "you're still short and bald."  



Shanny Morgenstern - Verizon and Budweiser commercials

"My favorite commercial was either the Verizon first responders one or the Bud sending water to disaster areas. They both made me cry ..."





Sheri Johnson - NFL commercial

"...I love football and I thought it was hilarious to show players dancing as if in a performance. The tongue-in-cheek attitude and juxtaposition of toughness and dance made me laugh."



Laura Boyd - Visit Australia commercial

"While I love the thought-evoking, emotional Super Bowl ads, I always appreciate a lighthearted commercial. Australia is, by far, my top dream destination, so I enjoyed the scenery (yes, including Chris Hemsworth) the commercial highlighted. As a marketing professional, I like the way the commercial wove in elements about Australia, such as its great wine and cuisine, without being overly promotional. The commercial further sparked my interest in going to Australia one day."



Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!