The scoop on social publishing

Jan 3, 2018Laura Boyd

Inbound Marketing

There are many benefits of utilizing social publishing as part of your inbound marketing program, including promotion of your content. According to a blogpost by Whitehat, “sharing your content [on social media platforms] gives you an easy way to promote your latest blog, or even your new landing page, to a worldwide audience including social media like post message icons.jpgyour growing army of followers via a platform everyone is already familiar with. By using hashtags, you can also connect to thousands, if not millions, of people who you may not be currently connected to, but share an interest.”
Additionally, social publishing allows you to target your desired audience by posting your company’s content on the platforms they use and visit most. For example, if you’re in the financial services industry, your target audience might spend a majority of their time on a platform like LinkedIn, where they can read articles from thought leaders in that space. But, if you’re in architecture, you would be better served to post on visual platforms, such as Instagram or Pinterest.
Social publishing also provides a unique way to connect with industry influencers. Retweet, repost, share the content put out by the influencers in your industry and watch your own social following grow. It’s also important to interact with these influencers by commenting on their articles and demonstrating your expertise on the subject.
These are just a handful of the benefits of incorporating social publishing into your inbound marketing program. For more information on inbound marketing, continue reading our blog, or
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